‘Pro-British Trump must be supported by Starmer, not insulted’

‘Pro-British Trump must be supported by Starmer, not insulted’

Keir Starmer must hide his disgust for Donald Trump and attempt friendship with the former President, according to the US historian Victor Davis Hanson.

Speaking exclusively to GB News, the historian said if Starmer and Trump are elected later this year, the Labour leader will likely “have some slips or gaffes where his true emotions of disgust [for Trump] come out and they will be widely reported, or they will be leaked by the media.

Davis Hanson continued: “But I think if he’s wise, he will realise that Donald Trump is a much better bet for Europe and the UK, than the Left here.”

“They can say all they want about Donald Trump threatening Nato, but Donald Trump did not disband Nato, but he got them to spend $100 million. Donald Trump told Europe: Do not build that pipeline with Putin.”


“Donald Trump sold javelins to Ukraine and Obama wouldn’t. Donald Trump got out of an asymmetrical missile deal. Donald Trump sanctioned Putin. Donald Trump told Putin, if you go into Ukraine, you’re going to regret it. He never went in.”

Opinion polls show Keir Starmer’s Labour Party has a significant lead against the Conservatives and therefore are likely to win the general election later this year.

A YouGov poll, released today, put Labour at 44% compared to just 18% for the Conservatives, with the Reform Party standing at 15%.

Meanwhile Donald Trump is also up in the opinion polls against Joe Biden.

Keir StarmerKeir Starmer could be left with the commitment PA

A CNN poll published on Monday found Trump to be on 49% with President Biden on 43% among all American voters.

Davis Hanson, who teaches at Stanford university, described Trump as “very pro-British”.

He said Starmer would “be unwise to gratuitously insult Trump if he’s the president, and he would be much wiser to work behind the scenes, and he would be much wiser to draw on the natural empathy that Trump has”.

The historian said President Trump would be a greater ally for Europe than Joe Biden and warned the American Left wants “to divorce us from our European roots”.

He continued: “European is as bad a slur as white. And so a lot of people in the United States and this new left wing Democratic Party would like us to be friendlier with Iran than Israel, but they’d also like us to be friendlier with Mexico or Venezuela than Britain or France.”

“They like to go to Britain, they like to go to France and all that stuff. But they’re not pro-European. They’re not pro-Western. Donald Trump is.”

“And that might be a friend that you find untidy, but he’s a friend nevertheless.”

Starmer has previously been an outspoken critic of Trump.

In 2018 he tweeted: “Humanity and dignity. Two words not understood by President Trump.”

Following remarks from Trump endorsing Boris Johnson, the Labour leader tweeted: “An endorsement from Donald Trump tells you everything you need to know about what is wrong with Boris Johnson’s politics and why he isn’t fit to be Prime Minister.”

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